Could the Pleasure Yacht Plus Service offered by The Isle of Man Registry be a game changer for you?

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At the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, the Isle of Man Registry will be launching a new product, the Pleasure Yacht Plus service, that caters to private owners who wish to maintain commercial level compliance. The new service offers enhanced surveys and third party oversight for large pleasure yachts registered with the Island’s Ship Registry.

We at Pelagos have always advocated the principle of “operating beyond compliance”.  The theory being that regardless of whether your yacht is private or commercial there are a number of “best practice” approaches that can be adopted, whether you are legally compelled to or otherwise.

The intention of the Pleasure Yacht Plus service is to give Flag State credibility to these best practice approaches, that will maintain an underlying Yacht Code compliance. So whilst the yacht is in essence operating privately, the on-board systems, shore based management and Flag reporting is done to a commercial standard.

Not only does this give the yacht a formal, safe operating framework, it offers up the opportunity for charter should the need arise and may also increase market potential on resale.

Pelagos can offer the following services which can help underpin this new IOM Flag process:

Safety Management System drafting
MLC compliance
SEA drafting and crew payroll solutions

The Isle of Man Flag has often been at the vanguard of International Flag developments. We see this as a forward thinking change by them in light of the increasing size and complexity of the yachts operating at present and in the future.

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